About Us

Since 1949

It all started with the late Mr. Nicola Abu Khader’s robust vision to unlock his business potential and expand regionally and globally. Nasco Automotive was founded in Amman, Jordan in 1949 to provide unmatched, innovative and dynamic automotive solutions.

Nasco’s humble beginning soon transformed into a catalyst for achieving significant, industry-changing successes. It is now considered one of the region’s oldest and largest automotive aftermarket pioneers.

Today, with hundreds of staff members on board, Nasco Automotive stands as a multinational organization spanning over seven countries, namely Jordan, the UAE, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Ghana, with further expansion plans underway. It is currently divided into five main Strategic Business Units, which are Spare Parts (passenger and commercial), Tires, Lubricants & Additives, Batteries and Car Audio.

Nasco Automotive is the core of the Abu Khader Group, currently being run by second generation Chairman Mr. George Abu Khader and third generation CEO Mr. Nicola Abu Khader. Abu Khader Group has diversified its business, growing into several new ventures including but not limited to automotive battery manufacturing, leasing, public transportation, car rental, automotive batteries manufacturing, gas stations, fuel distribution, education, and real estate development. However, its deep-rooted heritage and experience in the automotive aftermarket industry are indicative of its reliability, credibility and trustworthiness.



"To set standards in all industries we operate in."



"To be a customer driven group living by our values."


Core Values

  • Going the extra mile in everything we do
  • Challenging the status quo
  • Leaving customers with a "wow" effect
  • With a family spirit, together we achieve more
  • Be humble

Company Expertise

By gaining worldwide recognition with its state-of-the-art technologies and innovative strategies, Nasco Automotive, a group of its own, is the largest and oldest member of the Abu Khader Group of companies. Its backbone is dependent on its highly experienced professionals who understand customers’ needs and offer them the best solutions.


Customer Centricity

Nasco boasts a large, international-client portfolio and a comprehensive strategy that have set it as a trusted representative and distributor offering complete automotive solutions for all vehicle types from different countries such as Europe, Turkey, Japan, North and South America, South Korea and the Far East.



By adhering to the highest quality standards, Nasco Automotive operates according to a growth strategy and international recognition. In 2013, it became a founding member and shareholder of Nexus Automotive International, the world’s fifth automotive aftermarket buying group based in Geneva, Switzerland. Nexus Automotive consists of 10 shareholder members and 10 partners from across Europe, Russia, and Turkey with a combined turnover of 3 billion Euros as of 2015. Nasco is proud to be a key member in Nexus Automotive and is represented in the board of directors and in the central sourcing committee.

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